What Is The Purpose Of Excursion?

What are the purposes and advantages of excursion?

Some of the important advantage of excursions is as under: (i) They provide direct source of knowledge and acquaint the student with first hand information.

(ii) They provide an opportunity to the student for development of his aesthetic sense..

What is excursion method?

Specially, this method is used in behavioral sciences. The word ‘excursion’ means a journey, trip, tour planned for social studies students in which the students actually visit places or site and has the first hand experience which excursion results in easy, interesting and effective learning.

What is educational excursion?

An excursion is a trip by a group of people, usually made for leisure, education, or physical purposes. It is often an adjunct to a longer journey or visit a place, sometimes for other (typically work-related) purposes.

What is the difference between tour and excursion?

Tour means travelling from one place to another with the purpose of visiting various places and in the end coming back to where you started. … Trip is a journey for some purpose, usually including the return. Excursion is a day trip made for pleasure, usually by a group of people.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of field trip?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Field TripsEnhances the Curriculum. One of the biggest advantages to field trips is that they allow students to have a real-world experience. … New Learning Environment. Field trips also allow the students to learn outside of the classroom. … Team Building. … Planning. … Liability.

What is an excursion on a cruise?

The word excursion means a picnic. In terms of shore excursions, the term means special picnics arranged by cruise companies as an extra package. … A Shore excursion ensures that the attention and interest in a particular trip is maintained by the people throughout the course of the trip.

What are the advantages of educational tour?

The top 9 educational benefits of embarking on a school tripImproves critical thinking skills. … Experiential learning takes place. … Student’s worldview is expanded. … Reinforces classroom material. … Greater bond between students and teachers. … Learning local culture. … Students are encouraged to learn. … Helps those students who learn by doing.More items…•

Is joining summer excursions good for students?

The Benefits of School Excursions are: Provides another dimension to class based learning and helps reinforce what has been taught in the classroom – Students may get to learn in a new environment with new teachers or instructors.

How do you prepare for an excursion?

Top 5 tips when planning an excursionThink about what you want your students to get out of their visit. Your trip might be linked to a unit of work you are doing in class or an overall concept that you are teaching throughout the year. … Don’t Cram! … Check! … Lay down the law. … Have Fun!

Which is the best synonym for excursion?


What is a short trip?

Jaunt means: A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing.

Why do we arrange educational trip in school?

Students learn best when they can see, hear, and experience things first-hand. Multi-sensory learning is an important part of school life, and school trips answer the requirements of all five senses. It’s because of this that schools arrange trips to help children learn more about the subjects that they are studying.

How do you use excursion in a sentence?

(1) This year’s annual excursion will be to Lincoln. (2) We went on an excursion to the city. (3) I have arranged with my classmates for an excursion to the beach. (4) Included in the tour is an excursion to the Grand Canyon.