Quick Answer: Why Did King Creon Refuse To Bury Polyneices?

How has Creon ordered Polynieces body to be treated?

Creon has ordered that their brother, Polynices, is not to be given a proper burial.

proper burial.

She will face the punishment of death for disobeying Creon’s order..

What tragedy falls on Creon’s family?

AntigoneAntigone, one of the daughters of Oedipus flouts at the order of Creon and gives Polynices the hurried burial; and act which affords the play in a tragic theme. Antigone buries Polynices because she is sure that her act is innocent and will be blessed by God.

Why is Antigone The Bride of Death?

This preview shows page 3 – 5 out of 6 pages. Surname 4 subjectivity to female gender. Thus, the two lovers are cut tragically from the joy of love as they die embracing each other. …

Does Creon kill himself?

No, Creon does not kill himself in Antigone. His wife, son, and niece all commit suicide during the course of the play, but Creon refrains from taking…

What was Creon’s punishment?

Creon’s punishment for killing Antigone is that he loses his family to death. His son, Haemon, stabs himself when he sees that Antigone has hung…

How did Creon die?

Creon does not die in Antigone, although his wife, niece, and son do. They both commit suicide as a result of Creon’s actions.

Who does Creon refuse to bury?

PolyneicesTerms in this set (45) In Scene 1, what reason does Creon give for refusing to bury Polyneices? Creon refused to bury Polyneices because Polyneices started a war with his native city, Thebes after he was exiled to spill blood and sell his people into slavery.

What is Creon’s motivation for forbidding Polyneices burial?

After their death, Creon, brother of Jocasta, ascended to the throne of Thebes and he decreed that Polyneices’ corpse was not to be buried or even mourned because he betrayed his own country. Leaving someone unburied was considered as the ultimate disgrace.

Why did Creon bury Eteocles and not Polynices?

Being the next family member in line, Creon takes the position as king and orders that Eteocles be given a proper burial because he was he former king of Thebes. Creon orders that the body of Polynices be left for carrion and wild dogs because he was seen as a traitor to Thebes.

Why wouldn’t Creon have second thoughts about denying burial rights to a traitor?

Another reason to allow the burial is for the family’s sake. Creon knows that Antigone is obligated to bury her blood kin, and his order to the contrary is a deliberate insult to her and, by extension, her entire lineage. In the end, Creon fears that he has offended the gods with his decision, and changes his mind.

Why does Creon hate Antigone?

Antigone was following her familial duties and felt that both her brothers needed to receive proper burial no matter which side they died fighting for. Creon, angered by the blatant disregard for his orders, imprisons both sisters regardless of Ismene’s innocence.

What is the punishment for burying Polyneices?

deathAntigone and Polyneices The next male in line for the throne was their Uncle Creon. When Creon came to power, he decreed that since Polyneices was technically a traitor for fighting against Thebes, his body should rot in the street without a proper burial. If anyone was to bury the body, the punishment would be death.