Question: What Is Space In Simple Words?

What is space easy words?

Space in simple understanding is an area or volume.

Space or spacing may also refer to: …

Outer space, the area beyond the limit of the atmosphere of Earth.

Space (physics), one of the fundamental concepts like time and mass..

What is an example of space?

Space is the three-dimensional area around you, including the universe. An example of space is where stars and planets exist. An example of space is where Ham the Chimp travelled for 16 minutes and 39 seconds in 1961 during the first space flight in one of the Project Mercury capsules named MR-2.

What is the scientific definition of space?

In astronomy and cosmology, space is the vast 3-dimensional region that begins where the earth’s atmosphere ends. Space is usually thought to begin at the lowest altitude at which satellites can maintain orbits for a reasonable time without falling into the atmosphere.

What is Space word?

Here are some words that are associated with outer space: planet, galaxy, space, interstellar space, astronomical object, universe, orbit, spacecraft, earth, moon, cosmic ray, comet, star, astronaut, spaceward, aerospace, asteroid, subspace, spaceman, spaceship, deep space, sputnik, interplanetary space, spacefaring, …

Where is space?

The U.S. military and NASA define space differently. According to them, space starts 12 miles below the Kármán Line, at 50 miles above Earth’s surface.

What is space made of?

Outer space is not completely empty—it is a hard vacuum containing a low density of particles, predominantly a plasma of hydrogen and helium, as well as electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, neutrinos, dust, and cosmic rays.

Can you breathe in space?

Outer space is a vacuum. You cannot breathe in a vacuum because there’s literally no air to breathe, and if you tried, you’d be dead in about four minutes. … we can’t breathe, because there is nothing to breathe.

What does space smell like?

Astronaut Thomas Jones said it “carries a distinct odor of ozone, a faint acrid smell…a little like gunpowder, sulfurous.” Tony Antonelli, another space-walker, said space “definitely has a smell that’s different than anything else.” A gentleman named Don Pettit was a bit more verbose on the topic: “Each time, when I …

Is it dark in outer space?

Space Is Dark, But Scientists Have Found Unexplained Light Scientists have used a NASA probe way out in space, beyond Pluto, to measure visible light that’s not connected to any known source such as stars or galaxies.

How far can we travel in space?

If you wanted to travel at a constant 1G acceleration and then deceleration to the very edge of the observable Universe. That’s a distance of 13.8 billion light-years away; you would only experience a total of 45 years.

Why space is called space?

Outer space, also simply called space, refers to the relatively empty regions of the universe outside the atmospheres of celestial bodies. Outer space is used to distinguish it from airspace (and terrestrial locations).

What is the opposite word of space?

“Zoologically, the hoatzin is probably the most remarkable and interesting bird living on earth today.”…What is the opposite of space?crowdednesscramplack of spacecurbinsignificance10 more rows