Question: What Are Synonyms For Have A Blast?

What do you call a girl birthday?

What is another word for birthday girl?quinceañeradebdebutantefifteen-year-old.

What’s another word for having fun?

What is another word for having fun?playingfrolickingrevelingUSamusing oneselfdallyingrollickingskylarkingcarousingentertaining oneselflarking85 more rows

How do you wish your brother?

Wishing you a fun and joyous birthday, dear brother! Here’s to celebrate your special day with good food, good company, and good memories! It’s been a great experience growing up with you my dear little brother. May you grow up to be a good human being like our dad.

What is birthday bash?

birthday bash in British English (ˈbɜːθˌdeɪ bæʃ) informal. a birthday party.

What word can replace thing?

Here are ten alternatives we can use:a detail. He told us all the details of his life. … a feature. The new Galaxy smartphone has many unique features. … an item. There are twenty items on the shopping list. … an issue. … a matter. … a point. … a subject. … a topic.More items…•

What is an alternative to a blast?

What is another word for have a blast?go bonkerscut loosego bananasgo nutshave funlet looselose one’s marbles

What is a fancy word for thing?

What is another word for thing?objectitemimplementmaterialmatterapparatuscontrivancedevicegadgettrinket150 more rows

How do you use blast in a sentence?

I hope they have a blast. We had a blast at the wedding. I am going to the beach. I am going to have a blast.

What means have a good one?

Definition of have a good one US, informal. —used to say one hopes the person spoken to will have an enjoyable day.

Have a blast Day means?

NO: “Have a blast day!” YES: “Have a blast!” = an idiomatic expression used to wish someone to have a great time, i.e. on his/her birthday, at a party/event, on a vacation, etc. … But as an idiom/slang, ‘a blast’ (always in the singular form) means ‘a lot of fun; a wonderful, thrilling time’.

What word is thing?

1 : an object or entity not precisely designated or capable of being designated use this thing. 2a : an inanimate object distinguished from a living being. b : a separate and distinct individual quality, fact, idea, or usually entity.

What is the meaning of have a blast?

to have a blast: to have a good time, to really enjoy oneself. We had a blast at Disneyland; we really had a super time. a blast: an explosion. noun.

What is another word for blast birthday?

have a blast / synonymshave a good time.have fun.have some a great time.have so much fun.have a lot of fun.More items…

Is blast a bad word?

Informal Termsto curse; damn (usually fol. by it or an object):Blast it, there’s the phone again!

What does have a blast while you last mean?

So those are our phrases for today; “have the time of your life,” meaning to have a wonderful experience that’s very enjoyable, “have a blast” which also means to have fun, have an enjoyable experience, and “have a good time,” which you can use to hope or wish that somebody will have a good time or experience as they …

Is 15 a special birthday?

At 15, you’ve now reached the junction of childhood and maturity. Happy birthday to a very special teen! Being 15 has its own special perks. You can now act as dumb as a kid or as smart as a grown-up.

What is the weirdest word?

Here are the fifteen most unusual words in the English language.Serendipity. This word appears in numerous lists of untranslatable words. … Gobbledygook. … Scrumptious. … Agastopia. … Halfpace. … Impignorate. … Jentacular. … Nudiustertian.More items…•

How have a blast on your birthday?

They are all trying to wish you a great day, because it is a special day. May you have a wonderful year, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy and have a blast. Wishing you all the happiness in the world on your Birthday.

Are you having a blast?

To have a very fun or exciting time (doing something).

What does birthday blast mean?

1322. It’s normally use for birthday wishes. have a blast means enjoy your birthday with lots of party , fun etc.