How Do I Keep My Playground Slide Cool?

What to put on a slide to make it slippery?

Rub wax paper over the entire plastic slide surface.

It sounds too simple, but it actually works.

When you rub the wax paper on the surface of your plastic slide, it transfers the food-safe wax making your slide slippery again..

How do you slow down a playset slide?

If it’s not too hot…. skin! Have your child either put their bare legs down on the slide when they go down, or to put their feet down and that will slow them way down. I was thinking of using a friction modifier and painting a thin stripe down the middle of it (something like Skid-Safe).

How do you cool a hot slide?

Sand toys – for some less active play in the heat of the day. You can also fill the bucket with water to dump on your child’s head and keep them cool. Let them do a little water play. Big spray bottles to spray down the slides or your kids.

How much does a playground slide cost?

DescriptionCost Each• 36″ Deck Height • 70″ length • Molded-in foot 55lbs.36″ $760.00•48″ Deck Height • 111″ length • With molded-in foot 80lbs.48″ $995.00•60″ Deck Height • 130″ length • With molded-in foot 110 lbs.60″ $1185.001 more row

How do you fix a broken slide?

The usual practice of repairing a broken slide is to use Scotch Tape; but often fine splintering with loss of some part of the slide results in loose-jointed coherence, making impossible placing the slide on the stage of a microscope or filing it in a slide box with compartments.

How do you make a bouncy castle slide slippery?

Scrub the slide cover regular to keep it slick If you don’t have many time to wash your inflatable slide and slide cover after each use, you can use a mild cleaner and a scourer sponge to shine it and make it slick again. This process is much simpler. You can only focus on the slide cover.

Can you paint a playground slide?

Completely wash and dry the slide before painting. I used tsp and a rag to really scrub off any of the leftover dirt and debris. A pressure washer would have been helpful too. Paint the slide using even coats of spray paint, allowing it to completely dry between coats.

How do you keep playground equipment cool?

How to Maintain Cool Playground Surfaces Use Light Colored Playground Tiles. If a playground is being set up in direct sunlight, consider using light colored playground tiles. … Choose a Perforated Tile. … Install In a Shaded Area. … Build a Shade Structure for the Playground.